Monday, 6 July 2009

Monday afternoon flowers

These hydrangeas are from my garden. Hopefully they will last longer this time as I've taken Vicki's (French Essence) suggestion of crushing the stems, as hydrangeas are very fussy once they are cut!
Thanks Vicki.


  1. Marina - my hydrangeas have really lasted so I hope yours have too. Lucky you to have them in your garden, I think I am going to plant some this year and see what happens. I have always thought it too hot where I live but maybe not....xv

  2. Your pale pink beauties are just lovely Marina! It will be interesting to see if Vicki's stem crushing tips prolong their life -she always pretty accurate with her tips & advice. Just wish she could conjure up next Saturday's Lotto numbers for all of her devotees!
    Millie ^_^

  3. Hi Marina,
    Just checked out your blog - many beautiful images. Enjoyed your little Cary Grant adventure, including the detail of his favorite fragrance and again great photos.
    Hope your project is coming along OK - keep up the good work!
    Kirsten x


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