Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A little lean to the right.....

Do, do do do... do,do,do,do, dooo. Do, do do do.... do, do do do dooooo....
So no one told you life was gonna be this way · (clap clap clap clap) .....

The DVD was back in and off we set again, not really wanting to leave this little bit of paradise (Lake Como),

But the Amalfi coast was beckoning us .....

(just a little taste -Amalfi coast)

As you all know, Lake Como is high up in the northern part of Italy and the Amalfi coast is on the south western coastline ..... so today was going to be a long drive.

But, we decided to take a little detour to Pisa (we had never taken the girls before)

A little lunch (or should I say a longgggg lunch later- how can anyone have a short lunch in Italy!) and numerous photos of trying to hold up the leaning tower , we were off again.

We set the navigator and realised we could be on the Amalfi coast by evening, but we were not getting the keys to our villa until the next day!

A few more hours of driving, we exited the autostrada into a little medieval town called Anagni.
The area is known as the Ciociara and is about 40 minutes southeast of Rome and is the birthplace of several medieval popes. You don't find many tourists here!
After a simply delicious meal at a very cute restaurant, that seated us across the road, under the stars with candle lit tables, we asked the waitress, "Dove un albergo nelle vicianze? (Where is a hotel nearby?), in our very bad Italian and she was off with her Italian and a little English thrown in, explaining about the one that wasn't very clean, but the owner of the restaurant was already on the phone trying to find us somewhere to sleep. A half an hour later, after numerous calls (god knows who he was calling), the very kind gentleman jumped up and announced, "... he was taking us there!" (in Italian). We kind of understood what he was suggesting, but shook our heads, insisting we were fine and that we would drive further south and find a place somewhere and thanked him for all his help and trouble we had caused him. A few more of his friends arrived and by the time we knew it, we were following them (we assumed) to a hotel... somewhere!
This was only one small example of the generosity of the Italian people we encountered on our trip. They are the warmest, most friendliest people you can come across. Always taking time out of theirs to help... with a lot of hand action in between!

We knew tomorrow we would be on the beautiful Amalfi coast....

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  1. How fabulous Marina
    This is the thing with travel. You have to learn to trust and when we do amazing kindness is sent our way.. Sounds like fun!! And love love your Amalfi pic. I have a similar coastline pic of Atrani. x Julie

    ooh I just noticed your Paul Bangay books. I have seen articles of his home in some aussie mags. He has fabulous decorating taste also!


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