Sunday, 9 August 2009

Summer Vacations

Coming back from a wonderful summer vacation can either make you feel:
  • relaxed, rejuvanated and happy, or

  • depressed, sad and longing to go back again, or even

  • exhausted, tired and wanting to go on another holiday, just to have a holiday!!
Well, I have just come back from a wonderful 2 weeks, relaxed, rejuvanated and happy!

Mr N, our three girls and myself, decided to drive from London to the beautiful Amalfi coast (over 3 days, enjoying the beautiful countryside of France, Switzerland and Italy).

Originally we were going to fly, as I had finished booking our 4 level villa perched on the cliffs of Ravello, Villa Principessa. "Why dont we just drive", I perked up and told Mr N. "We have to rent a car anyway, so why dont we take ours, It'll be fun!".

After he agreed, I though to myself, "What on earth was I thinking?"

Back in 2004, we drove from Nice to Rome (and that was quite a long way), but not that bad, and anyway, we're Australians, we drive for miles and dont complain!

So off we went on our little adventure ....

(photo courtesy Google)

The adventure continues tomorrow.


  1. Hi Marina
    WEll I feel awful. I just popped over to say hello as I see you on the same blog comments and now realise you are on my follow list. What a terrible blogger I am.. So much for honouring loyalty. I am going to follow yours so I remember to pop over.

    So you are just back from Amalfi? I am SO envious. I went there in 1996 and haven't been back since.. one day soon I hope. Another blogger friend is over there now and due back today I think. You are all making me very jealous! Ciao Julie

  2. I will definitely come to enjoy your journey with you.....

    la maison et le jardin


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