Friday, 16 October 2009

Just what we need on a Monday

It's getting quite cold here in London town and these little beauties are just what I'd like right now...

This warm, soft, mohair wool, Avoca Blanket made in Ireland

Or this wool Cabane blanket, with it's vintage feel, from France ...

And how sweet is this pink sari, upholstered bench, which has an opening lid ...
(notice the hot red laquered legs!)

It also comes in a replica vintage Kimono fabric ...

And who could resist these gorgeous batik lampshades ...

All available from Plumo.


  1. Ooo think I'll have the wool Cabane blanket from france, like the colour too.

    Had a really nice warm day here for a change, been a cold wet winter. Guess we really needed that though.

    ps pleased you like the music :)

  2. The blankets look amazing and I love the pink bench!! I share your love of traveling and I would love to visit both Australia and England someday...I am originally from San Diego, CA. Love your blog!!!

  3. Love the first blanket, just what I need too.

    Lovely blog.


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