Thursday, 1 October 2009

MEYSTYLE .... LED Wallpaper

MEYSTYLE’s mission is to rescue walls from the background, integrating bold patterns with LED lights and crystals to create a deep visual experience that transforms walls and wallpaper into works of art.

I met the gorgeous Ekaterina Yaschuk at The 100% Design Show recently and fell in love with the concept of wallpaper and LED lights incorporated together. Swarovski crystals can also be added to accentuates the impact of the LEDs.

The delightful Ekaterina and her sister Maria are Russian born and both have design degrees from London. The feature of incorporating LED's into wallpaper was invented by the sisters in 2004 and remains unique to their company until this day.

This would be gorgeous in a little girls room, imagine with the crystals....

A very stylish study....

And they even do silk fabrics....



  1. The creativity is just amazing. The talent and skill is fantastic.

  2. Hi, Great blog, love all the inspiration, Have a sweet day! x


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