Monday, 9 November 2009

Monday dreaming ....

I had a lovely time sampling cheese and other delicacies at Borough Market this weekend and would have loved to have brought all that fabulous produce home to my dream kitchen (above).


Image 1: Source folder (sorry, cant remember where I found this image, if anyone knows please do tell!)
Image 2-4: Mine


  1. Such a divine kitchen - love everything about it! Thank you so much for your fabulous comment - it's nice to know you enjoyed seeing a little of our house and garden. We do live in a wonderful part of the world but I would also love to live in London - can't wait for my next visit early next year! Leigh

  2. Marina I LOVE this kitchen!!!
    So fabulous.. all the right ingredients.. white.. and dark timber .. and beautiful features!!

    WEll I came back to say thank you so much for your comments.. You are so sweet and it truly makes my day!! I agree sometimes it is hard to keep up with blogging when life gets busy. My work is only going to get busier now until Christmas so I feel guilty already how many blogs and postings I will miss...

    Take care xx Julie

  3. Oh that kitchen is amazing! It is elegant and chic...and so classy. Looks like such a fun/yummy weekend!! xoxo

  4. The pictures style is Wow!
    Come check the new stunning posts ^^


  5. Love the Borough market, always a pleasure of mine!

    Lovely week to you.

  6. That kitchen is fantastic!

    I love love the food in your last pic, making me hungry.

  7. I am still to go to Borough Market...can't wait and I hear that it is fabulous. That is a true dream kitchen Marina....xv


Thank you for your lovely comments!


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