Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Last Post for the Year ...

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To my dear followers

I'm leaving ...
I'm leaving for the sunny shores of Australia...
For a lovely warm Christmas and New Year
This is my last post for the year
I'll be taking my (can't leave home without) laptop
But hopefully will not be using it .. much!


Wishing you all Happy Holidays
Be safe
And may the New Year bring you good health and good fortune!



  1. Oh Happy Holidays, have a wonderful time!!! xoxo

  2. I wont say goodbye ...but more like...hello..because we will closer in Spirit and sharing the same Sunshine..and Breeze :)
    Have a fantastic Christmas and NY Marina with your family...be sure to slip, slop, slap :) xxx

  3. Hi Marina

    Wishing you the very merriest of Christmases! I hope you have a wonderful holiday here in Oz and that your stay is full of sunshine and fun. Look forward to catching up in the new year. Enjoy! Leigh

  4. Have a wonderful trip Marina...bring some sunshine back to London please!!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog, they are much appreciated.....safe travels....see you in 2010 :)

  5. HI Marina
    I hope your Christmas and New Year is full of sunshine, happiness and the company of good friends and family. I want to thank you for being such a great blogging friend this year. I'm so glad to have crossed paths with you.

    I also want to thank you once again for the lovely award you gave my blog. I'm sorry I have not posted on it yet. Things are slowing down now so hopefully I will catch up on all my unfinished business soon.

    Take care and have a wonderful time xxx Julie

  6. Hey babe, thank you so much for the gorgeous comment, so glad I found you too!

    You just have the best holiday and enjoy being back here in good ol Oz!

    Wishing you the happiest Christmas and New Year honey.

    Take care,
    xoxo DJ

  7. Safe travels Marina - have the most wonderful Aussie Chrissie & New Year with all your Darlings! So looking forward to visiting Iced-Vovo's again next year.
    Millie ^_^

  8. Bonjour Marina! I just found your blog via your comments on Brabourne Farm, and so glad I stopped by. You have a lovely blog and I'll be following along.
    Wishing you a wonderful a safe Christmas back in Australia!

  9. Enjoy the sunshine, you are very lucky as it is cold here in SW France and the forecast is for much of the same but no snow as yet.

    Have a fabulous time, we are very envious

    Leeann x

  10. Oh btw, I was really touched that you posted that picture and link on your last post. You're a doll.

  11. Psst I have an award waiting for you on my blog :)

  12. Marina - hope you have a wonderful Christmas & New Year here in Oz. I've enjoyed many an iced vo-vo post & look more to many more in 2010. Best wishes, Lee :)

  13. Marina, thanks for stopping by and following along, and my 100th follower! Looking forward to more great posts next year!

  14. A lovely holiday and happy new year to you Marina. Bask in the sun so I my live vicariously through you.
    Warmest regards,

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  16. Merry Christmas Marina and wishing you and yours a fabulous holiday. See you in 2010.
    All the best, xx deb

  17. Have fun Merry X-mas :) See you in 2010

  18. Merry Christmas and happy happy new year..

  19. Hello Lovely,

    Firstly..Welcome Back...Secondly...Happy NY...we missed you! I hope you enjoyed your holiday back home :)
    I know you will have a load of blogs to catch up on..so thank you for taking the time to say hi :) x
    How was your trip? you must be exhausted!!
    Tried to email you but realised I couldnt..so I will keep this short,but just wanted to say welcome back to blogging world....look forward to some new posts from you too..when you finally get back into the swing of things after your trip.
    P.S How is your course going? x


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