Friday, 19 February 2010

Fabulous Friday

The sun was out today, Mr N had the day off work ... and we spent a lovely day out.
I can smell scones baking in the oven for a late afternoon tea (courtesy of Mr N) and tonight we are going to see The Lovely Bones.

How has your Friday been?

Tomorrow we are go-karting ... so much fun ... with the girls!

Happy weekend everyone!



  1. Hi Marina

    What a lovely day you've had and there are scones in the oven! Hope you have a great time go-karting - sounds like fun. Leigh

  2. Oh go havent been in so long...great fun. have a great weekend x

  3. Hey Miranda
    Well i think that just about covers all bases.. yes?? culture food and action!! hahaha...

    Just in relation to your comment.. winter has been coming early the last few years... we've been losing the warmth even in March... but it really is the long days i miss most when winter arrives.. Take care and have a great weekend!! xx Julie

  4. Sounds delightful - you are having a great Friday.. enjoy your weekend...!

  5. Oh sounds lovely honey...and you are spoilt, scones!

    Have a fab weekend,

  6. Dear Marina,
    You're a lucky girl...Mr. N sounds like a great catch...scones. What a lovely man. If he's got time.maybe he could pop over to Hertfordshire and whip up a batch !! Mr. Home isn't so good in the kitchen, although, he does have other talents !! haha.
    Have a great weekend, Marina. XXXX

  7. hope you're having a great weekend. yay for sunshine up there


  8. Hi Marina - Just wanted to let you know I love your blog (and iced Vo-Vo's) Thank you for stopping by!! Warm wishes, Susie x


Thank you for your lovely comments!


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