Thursday, 25 March 2010

Fat Duck :: Los Cabos Mexico

It's all the Fat Duck's fault!

Well, not this little guy really ...
it's the Fat Duck project that is just consuming
my life at the moment and

I've been neglecting the blog and neglecting to visit my favourite blogs.
So, this morning I thought I'd sneak away and do a post.

A friend just recently asked me about a vacation we went on back in 2002.
It was at the time the brand new, just built Hotel Esperanza, on the Baja coast of Mexico.
Some of her clients had won a trip there and she needed some information.

I have been very fortunate to go on some amazing holidays
and this was one of my favourites, so I thought I'd share some
magnificent homes in Los Cabos.

Plus, I just wanted to dream a little ... this morning!

Casa Kristina

Casa Dos Hermanas

Casa Quaccia

A thatched cover beside the pool at Casa En La Arena.
In desert areas, this half shade provides the most practical option for staying outside.
Total shade can be too cool, while full sun can be scorchingly hot.

Casa Alcini

Can you image walking out of your bedroom straight onto the beach?

All images have been scanned from the beautiful book:
(which I picked up in Los Cabos)

Project Editor: Mauricio Martinez
Photography: Rigoberto Moreno.

This is just a snippet of the beautiful homes this book offers, that have become phenomenas in Mexican architecture.
These buildings co-exist in harmony at some times
and in contrast at others.




  1. Hi Marina:) Sorry to hear that your Fat Duck project has been all encompassing my dear! I have missed your gorgeous posts. Well what can one say about this one - WOW!! I have now put Carbo San Lucas on my destination wishlist!! Gorgeous homes and I like the look of Casa Kristina - that view!! Thanks for sharing. I hope you manage to catch a little relaxation time over the weekend. Wishing you a wonderful day and good luck with your project ~ Tina xx

  2. Wow this is amazing! Oh how I would love to walk out of my bedroom straight onto the beach.....


  3. Viva Mexico!!!
    They are really beautiful houses to spend vacations there!!!

  4. Dear Marina,
    You have transported me to Utopia. It's heavenly. It's going on my list of 'must visit'. XXXX

  5. Heavenly....leaving on the next plane...xv

  6. Looks like absolute heaven! Leigh

  7. Hi Marina
    Love your little fat duck.. and the next image just has me dreaming of escaping the upcoming winter.. by the way.. you were right.. it is still quite 'unseasonably' hot here..Have a great weekend Marina and don't work too hard.. take Lola out for a spin for me!! xxx Julie

  8. What bliss to walk from bedroom to beach - amazing. So cute your little white duck but sorry the Fat Duck is being so all encompassing... - enjoy the weekend! x

  9. Oh wow thanks for that little trip away....really gorgeous photo's and locations.


    That car is sooo cute, I agree.

  10. Stunning views, thanks for sharing!
    Happy weekend.

  11. So so beautiful...I would love to go visit. xoxo Sending you hugs for a great weekend. xo

  12. What absolutely gorgeous photos! I want to be there - in the one that has a bedroom leading straight to the beach!!! I rather like Casa Dos Hermanas too :D

  13. Great post! Such gorgeous homes! Have a sweet day!


Thank you for your lovely comments!


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