Tuesday, 9 March 2010

World of Marchesa

"I want to be a living work of art."
- The Marchesa Luisa Casati

Vera Farmiga in Marchesa at the Oscars

"The Marchesa Casati was fearless, both in life and fashion.
She was self indulgent in the most empowering way and used her attire
to transform herself
into timeless walking art.
When you are able to dress and live without limits,
the possibilities of what you can accomplish are endless.
That tenacity and
ability to make
one's own
is forever fascinating
and will never
go out of

The talented British duo Georgina Chapman and Kerin Craig make up the House of Marchesa.
Their beautifully crafted designs fuse high fashion with eclectic aesthetic, often gracing the red carpet (and boy, there were lots of them at this years Oscars!) ... naming their company from their muse Marchesa Luisa Casati.

The Marchesa Casati was Europes most notorious celebrity from 1881-1957.
I have just finished reading a most fascinating book, The Marchesa Casati. Portraits of a Muse.
By Scot D. Ryersson and Michael Orlando Yaccarino.

Do yourself a favour and read this book!



  1. I've heard a number of folk say that Vera looked like she'd just stepped out of a packet of frozen crinkle cut chips, but I think that's a tad unkind! I loved her in Up In The Air!!
    Millie ^_^

  2. Oh an interesting post, they do fabulous work and that dress is no exception. Interesting about where they got the name from! Will have to get that book.

  3. Hi Marina
    I'll have to check that book out.. what an interesting cover too although she could knock back a bit on the eye makeup.. haha.. no really i love that cover..

    I saw the tail end of the Oscars last night and was impressed at how polished it was this year... not sure what.. just something a little better than previous years... have a great week xxx Julie

  4. Hey cutie...I loved this gown as well. I gave Demi Moore top honors for Oscar, but know we both love Marchesa. I will definitely order the book on the real Marchesa, she's probably one of my infamous Italian relatives!!
    xx's Marsha

  5. I love Marchesa. I hadn't realized Vera Famiga wore one of their dresses - I missed the Oscars. :/ But I'll have to look into that book! Thanks for posting.
    x Emily

  6. I adore Marchesa. How fun to hear where their name is derived from!

  7. I must read the book, Marina. It sounds fasinating.It sounds like exactly the sort of thing that I love to read. XXXX

  8. Hello, I jut found your lovely blog via Semi Expat in Oz and wanted to say how much I like it x

  9. I also adored Vera's dress! so architectural. Lovely! :)

  10. She looked absolutely amazing! that dress was fantastic!


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