Monday, 13 December 2010

Rockettes, Reindeers and Robins...

This weekend we finally bought our Christmas tree and unpacked all the decorations.
Here is a small snippet of some of the lovely fragments we have collected over the years ...

{All images mine}



  1. Loving the rockettes! I really got inspired this year and have actually made several Iced Vo Vo type ornaments for my tree, here in Canada! Your blog's title made me nostalgic for home. Will be posting pics on my blog soon!

  2. Loving the rockettes and the fairies!!

    ~ Clare x

  3. I'm into the rockettes as well...made me smile!

  4. How wonderful are the's a concensus...the rockettes are adorable!!

  5. You have collectd some beauties over the years Marina, giving you all many memories of Christmases ppast...... I love the one of Big Ben
    .....and, nothing says Christmas lije red, does it ?
    .....and, I love the hat in your last post. Our daughter has the exact same one and looks great in it. XXXX


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