Friday, 24 December 2010

Twas the Day before Christmas ...

Flickr fav

... and all but a little of the snow is left.
We were wishing for a white christmas,
but maybe not!

Here's hoping that the stranded make it home for Christmas,
fingers crossed.

The shopping's all done, the gifts all wrapped,
I can't wait to spend quality time
with my family in London.

I will be signing off for the holidays and would like to wish everyone

and may the New Year bring you

See you all soon!



  1. Love that snowy's been 30 degrees over here ;)

    Have a really beautiful and happy Christmas,
    see you in the New Year!
    xoxoxo DJ

  2. Happy Christmas Marina - enjoy all that gorgeous snow! Leigh

  3. We should be having snow here in Toronto, but looks like you are getting it! Have an iced vo vo for me! Tim Tams arrived from Oz yesterday so guess what I am having?

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas dear Marina
    I hope you and your family have a lovely time!!!

    Just been looking back at your recent posts and I love all those concrete finishes... makes me feel much cooler on this typical heatwave aussie christmas day!... Love this Big Ben pic too...

    ciao ciao .. .lots of love.. xxx Julie

  5. Oh what a beautiful pic!
    Merry Christmas, enjoy.

  6. Merry White Christmas Marina x

  7. Happy Holidays dear Marina! I hope you had an amazing Christmas! I can imagine it was dreamy to be tucked away inside your home with the ones you love while the snow was falling outside! Best wishes the the New Year too, thanks for being a wonderful friend~ xoxo


  8. Marina, I have stopped to wish you wonderful and prosperous Happy New Year! Let every wish you have in your heart become true with a stroke of a midnight. :-))) Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment in my Blog and so sorry I could not visit you sooner: my Christmas was very eventful. :-))) Starting form very unexpected wonderful house guests to snow storm accompanied by electrical loss and spending Christmas Eve in ER being treated for infection which I got hours earlier from being bitten by a very sick kitten whom we wanted to rescue. Hoping your Holiday Season is filled with wonderful friends, laughter, gifts, family and everything good.:-)


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