Friday, 28 January 2011

Inspirational Friday...

{Image from here}

Don't you love this quote?


I also want to thank two lovely ladies ... Heather from Concrete Jungle and Anna from Lona De Anna for passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to moi.
I know I'm a bit late posting this, but better late than never.
If you dont know these ladies already then you must visit their very stylish blogs. Heather lives in beautiful Phuket, Thailand and Anna from the gorgeous city of Sydney, Australia (the place where I was born!)
I am delighted to be included for this award by these two wonderful and talented ladies.

We all know the rules:
  • Thank my bestowers
  • Link back to them
  • Share 7 things about myself
  • Forward on the award to 10 other stylish bloggers
I am going to cheat a little also by posting 7 images in my home that make me happy ...

Images from me:

1. Lots and lots of books
2. The colours of this painting by my daughter
3. Masks I collect from around the world (i have lots more)
4. Flowers
5. Beautiful candles
6. Chinoiserie
7. Byzantine art
8. Yoga

I pass on this award to the following fabulous blogs:

Please don't feel obliged to participate if you don't want to.



  1. MArina, MAny thanks for the award!! I have been extremely flattered! Now I will have to think of some things to post about myself!

    Love the oversized Postage Stamp Picture and what a great quote!
    Have a wonderul weekend!

  2. Off to check out your choices bet they are great!

  3. Thank you so much Marina for the award and the constant support! Great post xxx

  4. Marina, what an honor to be selected by you for a blog award. I love the collage you did, and think the pics speak a 1000 words showing us the inside of your gentle heart. love love love...

  5. Dear Marina,
    First of all, well done on your award....well deserved ...your posts are always so stylish and interesting. Beautiful interiors today and, I love the massive stamp picture.....and thank you SO much for passing the award onto me. I am so flattered. Lots of love Marina and here's to lots more style !! XXXX

  6. Hi Dear Marina.. I came over to thank you and comment and my prepaid internet rang out.. haha.. typical... don;t know if previous comment went through.. but want I wanted to say was..

    Congratulations on your awards.. If ever there was a stylish blogger.. you are certainly of them!! I always enjoy my visits here and find such beautiful inspiration... I love the first pic and also your collage of things around your home.. I think that was a terrific way to share your seven thing [might have to do that too] Love love your madonna statues..

    Thanks so much for thinking of me... so lovely coming from you and your stylish blog!!!! Have a wonderful weekend my fellow aussie!!! ciao xxx Julie

    PS Hope you don't get this twice!!!... ciao

  7. Dear Marina,thank you so much for the award! :) I really appreciate it and as soon as I'm back from London,next week,I'll be on it :)) have a great week-end, hugs, Maria

  8. Marina, thanks so much for passing this award along to me! Happy to now have another great blog to read and gain inspiration from. I love your daughter's painting and everything else that you posted from around your home. Glad you found me and thanks again! :)

  9. A great quote for a great room. The blue chaise is glorious.

    And not surprised they gave you the awards, they are very stylish themselves so it takes one to know one!


Thank you for your lovely comments!


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