Monday, 7 February 2011

The classics ...

I have always had a passion for classical design, so when I saw this image on My Notting Hill blog, I craved more (I'm so glad there was a link for more!)
All the rooms above are designed by Ramon Garcia Jurado and Paco Pacovi and their website has a stunning collection of interiors.

I feel so inspired today! I sure hope you do too!


  1. Gorgeous and classical Marina.....I LOVE busts....they are my thing at the moment !!! That sounds a bit rude doesn't it ? !! haha
    I see that you are up early like me today !! XXXX

  2. MArina, I do so love the classics as you have shown them here and those bust's are wonderful. I have a small marble bust of Beethoven which I bought at Glebe Markets for about $5.00 about 30 years ago. He goes everywhere with me, even when I travel!

  3. oh Marina I agree! Classical design placed in the home is just stunning and so elegant! I especially love that last one...reminds me of Rome! :) Also I just read that Coco Chanel quote you have placed on the side column - love it! Hope you are having a wonderful week, lovely.


  4. Marina, I love this post. All of the various elements arranged as they are is beautiful. Thank you for posting about our giveaway. Do you believe we have over 200 comments now? I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. Sending love, my friend...


Thank you for your lovely comments!


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