Wednesday, 2 February 2011

To bath or not?

I love the idea of a bath tub in my bedroom.

Back home in Australia we own an old Victorian mansion that doesn't have an en-suite off the master bedroom ... this might actually work quite well (if we ever go back home to finish renovating it!)
This image is from the cover of the e-magazine Sleeper. If you are interested in hotel design, then do take a look at their site.

What do you think?
Open bathrooms in bedrooms or not?



  1. I simply adore the idea of an open bathroom off the bedroom!

    ~ Clare x

  2. Hi there :)
    I think its gorgeous and romantic! bath for sure.

  3. Yep, I say when you have time to renovate, g for it! Friends of mine in Wellington NSW, did exactly that. The bathroom is huge, and they have french doors leading out of it onto the verandah

  4. Oh yes, Marina I adore your site!

    Thank you so much for featuring my Giveaway from Splenderosa! Her jewelry designs are amazing!

    Art by Karena

  5. Yes indeed! I could live there... and I might not leave.

  6. It's more romantic in the idea then the reality.
    Believe me I have done it. Looks fab but you both have to get up together
    or sleep in if you lived alone it could work! LOL!

  7. I absolutely adore this Marina! I could really spend hours and hours in this bath, especially in a beautiful room like this. And the fireplace too? Wow this is romantic... Lucky you to own an old Victorian mansion, wow! :)


  8. Nope. Not for me! I need my door to close and my peace and quiet undisturbed. Of course, my husband would LOVE this layout (teehee). However, give me crackling fire in a lovely fireplace right in front of said bath tub (in bedroom) and I'm hooked!! Especially the gorgeous one in your photo...

  9. I think it would be beautiful given a spacious room, and a slight division. Very romantic, in fact, and this is a lovely example...



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