Friday, 27 May 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder ...

{Image - mine}

It's true what they say ...
This week has gone rather slow for me. Enjoying the beautiful British sunshine and the outdoors has been a real treat, but I've felt quite disjointed. It doesn't help when today is grey and rainy... and you're missing your loved ones.

I'm looking forward to all my family being back home this weekend ... and more sunshine and breakfast in the garden ...



  1. Such beautiful roses. Are they from your own garden?

  2. Hi Marina,
    It will be lovely for you to spend time with your family but, I'm not sure if the sun will be coming back !! I guess we can't complain as we have been enjoying such wonderful weather for the past 2 months haven't we? Hopefully the sun will make an appearance again soon.
    I want to do some gardening this weekend and, it's our son's birthday, so a bit of celebrating is on the cards. XXXX

  3. Lovely picture! And that quote is rather true, though does not make the facts or feelings in our hearts any easier does it? :)

  4. Marina, yes absence does make the heart grow fonder. I was alone all weekend, now the main back is back after being away!


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