Thursday, 7 July 2011

The cooling effects of turquoise ...

Turquoise ... the perfect colour choice for summer (or any time really)
Turquoise has cooling effects figuratively lowering a rooms temperature
Turquoise has good karma ... some cultures have long praised the minerals spiritual and healing properties.

This colour always puts me in a good mood
(and I need it at the moment)
I hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday.
I'm battling a summer cold, with so much to do!

Images 1-4: via lalunadecoco tumblr
Image 5: Unknown
Image 6: Nevin Hirik
Image 7: Tumblr
Image 8: Unknown
Image 9: Vincente Wolf



  1. These are gorgeous pictures. Turquoise is one of my favourites :) Abbey x

  2. Hi Marina. Beautiful blog, I look forward to seeing lots more - just gorgeous. Vic xxx (thanks for checking out my blog too)

  3. Now I'm dreaming of summer.... or at least spring!

    ~ Clare x


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