Monday, 19 September 2011

Breathtakingly regal ...

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Wasn't the Prabal Gurung show amazing .... so much texture, colour and incredibly romantic.
It was captured amazingly by Jamie Beck on her blog from me to you ... she is so inspirational!

I hope you had a lovely weekend my friends. We went to the annual Alliance Ball, which raises money for UNICEF (this year focusing on the vaccination program for children world wide) and had a wonderful time being entertained by the Royal London Ballet, as well as the band Madness (remember them) ... so much fun.

favoured by those with good taste and
a liking for the arts,
a powerful colour signifying rank and royalty

is demanding and can be overwhelming if used in quantity

There's nothing wrong with being a little overpowering ... what do you think?

Have a beautiful Monday.


  1. Hi your colour choice. I am a big fan of purple! Seeing that you have such good taste, you will be happy to hear that you won my Fortnum and Mason chef apron giveaway!

    If you send me your address, I will pop it in the mail for you!

    Jeanne xx

  2. Purple has always been my favourite of hues :-)

    ~ Clare x

  3. Lovely color. love the dress. Beautiful blog. If you want visit my blog and let my know if you want to follow and I will follow back.

  4. Marina, this is one of the most beautiful compilations I've ever seen. Absolutely wonderful, & I'm going over to visit your friend. Love....


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