Monday, 17 October 2011

Exotic + Pink ...

Good morning lovely readers. The weekend flew by with beautiful crisp mornings and bright blue skies here in the UK. I stumbled across a beautiful tumblr blog called Bohemia Design while reading my friend Vic's gorgeous blog Cush and Nooks. Bohemia Designs has the most amazing images of exotic locations and fashion from a true bohemian spirit.

So in keeping with the Moroccan theme I have going, please enjoys some beautiful exotic pink interiors ...



  1. These are great marina! Love that camel :)

    Abbey x

  2. Thanks for the lovely links, I'm checking them out right now. Loving all the pink!

    ~ Clare x

  3. Pink is such a gorgeous colour! The thing is that it can be both classical, ethnic and modern at the same time

  4. On a roll here with all these Moroccan themes Marina! I must say, I could certainly happily spend a good few hours in the room in the top image. Perhaps a silver plate of turkish delight, lightly scented with rosewater, wouldn't go astray either. Virginia xx

  5. Hi Marina
    Love that last image.. and the 'absolutely beautiful' is of course absolutely beautiful.... But the camel takes the cake..

    Have a great week.. and thanks for popping by.. ciao xxx Julie


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