Thursday, 26 January 2012

Maison & Objet + Paris

Jardin des Tuileries

My friend Janet and I decided to stay in the heart of Paris at the Hotel Brighton  and make the easy commute to the Parc des Expositions for the Maison & Objet.

I love the app AutoStitch for the iphone, which enables you to create a panoramic image ... this was the view from our room, which was directly across the road from the beautiful Jardin des Tuileries
(unfortunately I can't enlarge it, as it will not fit across my blog page) ... it was the perfect location to be in Paris

Saying the Maison & Objet is exhausting and overwhelming is an understatement. Trying to tackle the vast halls of this exhibition definitely needs planning before you arrive! Photography (unless you are press) is prohibited, but I managed to snap some shots on my iphone, after asking politely ...

great detail ... striped velour fabric

the floral exhibitions were stunning ...

I love the extended bed-head in this bedroom ... it definitely makes the bed look much larger than it really is ...

... and the mix of different patterned fabrics used in the upholstery

isn't this a great sofa?

Tomorrow I'll show you some fabulous lighting.


{all photographs belong to Iced VoVos}


  1. Wow! Your view was amazing! Oh how I'm dreaming of going back to Paris!! Maison & Objet looks wonderful.

    ~ Clare x

  2. How utterly fabulous marina! Looks like an amazing trip :)

    Abbey x


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