Friday, 3 February 2012

There's something about an unfinished wall ...

 wall from The Kings Speech filmed at 33 Portland Place

I dont know why, but an unfinished wall, or an old wall with many layers, really appeals to me.
In the first image, I love the way a modern piece of furniture is placed along side what looks like an old warehouse.

The second image is the famous wall at 33 Portland Place London W1 (a magnificent 18th century residence built by Robert Adams) used in the filming of The Kings Speech. In one area of the room, the wall was covered in wallpaper infused with oil, which had then been half-scraped, half-burned off. The textures and layers and layers of paint, wax, lacquer and paper were really important to show the stripping back of a persons emotional baggage. Eve Stewart, the production designer, loved the mottled, peeling effect so much that she decided to reproduce it across the whole wall. The house is also available for hire, as I found out recently from my daughter, who's friend celebrated her 18th birthday there recently!

The third image is the inspiration of the wall in The Kings Speech by famed British production designer, Eve Stewart (read more about the set design here)

A little bit of trivia, if you didn't know it already!
I hope you have a very inspiring weekend!



  1. I too love unfinished walls. I can't see why we can't have more of them. Cherrie

  2. How very interesting! That wall from The Kings Speech is truly amazing. I love the detail that the production designer has created!

    ~ Clare x


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