Monday, 6 February 2012

via Cola di Rienzo Milano ....

Remember the image I last posted of the modern sofa against an old plastered wall?
well, I found some more images that belong to that villa

This is the space belonging to the Milanese fashion designer Antonio Marras
Born in Sardinia Italy, Antonia has taken elements from his birthplace and transfered them to Milan, with the help of architect Stefania Beltrame.

Enjoy ...

love when it hits you .....
limit when the love .....
(wish I could read it all)

all images via at casa

I love the way Italians have a knack of adding just the right modern pieces of furniture
to a very old building.



  1. The photographs themselves are so artistic! I do want that filing thingy!

  2. Such industrial beauty!

    ~ Clare x


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