Thursday, 12 April 2012

Amsterdam Boathouse

One of my readers said she would love a peek inside one of those cool Amsterdam boathouses ... and so would I!
Well it happens that I came across one while perusing one of my favourite blogs Desire to Inspire ...

all photos by Jansje Klazinga

This boathouse belongs to a dutch interior designer (which you can just see in the photo).
I love how bright and modern it all looks ... and especially loving the bathroom.
It really is interesting to see how people live!

I know someone else who once lived on a house boat in Amsterdam
... the Australian stylist, Pia Jane Bijkerk

If you still can't get enough, click here to see it.



  1. I found you thanks to Desire to Inspire and I´m really enjoying the visit.
    You show great interiors!
    I follow.

  2. Thank you!!
    This is super nosey.
    I love seeing inside other people's houses.
    Have a great weekend.


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