Saturday, 26 May 2012

The M&G Garden : Inspired by The Arts and Crafts Movement

Another favourite of mine was this beautiful garden designed by Andy Sturgeon, which had a strong asymmetric quality, characteristic of the Arts and Crafts style.
Formal linear paths and terraces, together with a mirrored water channel created a succession of garden rooms.
The dramatic focal point of this garden was the 'energy wave' sculpture. Made of copper rings, it spilled across borders and pathways and emerges in the rectangular pool, enlivening the garden without challenging its formality.

The planting style had a woodland-edge quality with domed umbellifers and clipped holly, clumps of billowing perennials in a palette of soft pink, white, lilac and yellow, which softened the formal architectural edges of the garden. 

Three striking monolithic walls delineated the garden and a 'floating' oak bench, framed within a bold yew hedge at the opposite end was also balanced by the two Candyfloss trees, anchoring the garden to the site.

I love the way holes were drilled into the Purbeck stone to highlight the raw beauty and rustic texture.

There is also an animated tour walk through of this garden on the RHS Chelsea Flower Show website, which is interesting to watch.

What do you think of this garden?
I find sculptural garden features always make gardens that much more interesting!

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  1. Absolutely love this one - so much more so than yesterday's one. But that is probably the Australian in me, preferring more drama in the landscape. So it would be interesting to know what the natives thought of it. Did they like it? Or was it too bold for them? The last image especially is captivating. Beautifully balanced.

    I have a couple of books with Andy Sturgeon's gardens in them - they are all fabulous gardens too. xx

  2. The energy wave sculpture is really interesting and the way it's echoed by the holes in the wall. I find the colour palette very soothing and I love the contrast of the dark coloured wall and the stone wall. x


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