Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Well, what more can I say .......

(View of Positano coming in from Via G Marconi)

The town perched high up on the hill ....... it's fun walking down ..... but even the fittest will find it hard going back up!

A little bit of shopping, oh, who can resist........

And then its off to the beach, for a serious sun tan.......

Oh, and dont forget to drop into the famous ceramic domed, Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, gleaming under the sun .....



  1. There's nothing to say really.. BUT where is my passport!! haha
    It's funny looking at your photos. It brings back such vivid memories. I'm almost sure I went into that 'Louise' shop looking for sandals. Wonderful memories... Thanks x Julie

  2. Hi Marina, first time I've visited your blog (just found it because I saw you were visiting mine & thought I click on the link). Love your pictures of the Amalfi Coast - they bring back many fond memories of a holiday I had there a couple of years ago. Looking at these pictures I'm wishing, wishing, wishing I could be there now. Lee :)

  3. Hi Marina,
    Beautiful photos - love the one of the desserts - so colourful - they really should not be allowed to sell stuff like that, too many temptations!. Your villa looked lovely - what a view and your own private bathing area - not bad at all. Did you happen to see George Clooney at lake Como? Kirsten x


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