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Ravello, (as guide books describe it) was the former playground of Jackie Kennedy, home for the German composer Richard Wagner and even used as a hideaway by the actress Greta Garbo.

For me, Ravello is the most beautiful and romantic of towns on the Amalfi coastline. The feeling you get as you drive the 7 kms from the town centre of Amalfi, passing through the soaring mountains and deep ravines is indescribable. At the top, it sits like a natural balcony overhanging Amalfi and the nearby towns of Minori and Maiori and the views below .... are spectacular!

The town is also known for its impressive program of classical music, which is set in the beautiful gardens of Villa Rufolo. This inspirational setting features international orchestras and special guests play repertoires that always feature Wagner. The Festivale Musicale runs from March to late October, but always book well ahead as it does get very busy during the summer.

(Villa Rufolo)

(Spectacular view from Villa Rufolo)

(Nicola on stage - can you imagine performing with that back drop!)

What I love about the Piazza in Ravello is that no cars are allowed into the town centre and it just has this peacefulness when you walk around, compared to the other hectic towns on the Amalfi coast.

The Church is dedicated to San Pantaleone and was built in the XI century, by the Bishop Orso Pavico. The entrance doors are similar to those of Amalfi, in bronze, made in Constantinopoli in the XII century. The church also features a museum, where several historic details of the past are kept. At the end of every July, fireworks light up the sky to celebrate the patron saint, which we were lucky to hear and see from our villa.

(Piazza Duomo)

(Town centre piazza)

And if you're after exquisite handmade ceramic pieces, this is the place to shop (be warned, they are not cheap!)

Tomorrow we are off to Positano!



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