Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Great Giveaway + Award

The lovely Federica is as sweet as her Sweet as a Candy blog, which I have been following for a while now.
She has just reached her one year anniversary of blogging and her 5ooth post and has a great giveaway ... do check it out here.



I would like to thank the beautiful Anna from Lona de Anna blog who
bestowed this award on me last December.
Anna has a gorgeous blog and puts a lot of time and effort into all her images
and projects.

I need to pull up my socks!



  1. Well done on your award and what a great giveaway from Federica.
    Have a good week. XXXX

  2. 500 posts in a year? Yikes! That's fantastic!

  3. I just reread your bio....so Happy Australia Day!

  4. Oh you are too sweet darling girl xxxxxxx

    Oh..btw...your gonna laugh at this...when you left a comment on my blog..about wanting to own a pair of pink shoes...ahhhhh...I seriously thought you were a new blogger...follower..and thought I should say hello and thank you...and the I saw..Iced Vo Vo..and thougth ...huh???
    Then had the biggest laugh to myself because Im such a dodo and didnt realise it was you!!
    Your a red head now? I was used to the blonde chicky babe in the shades..lol..gotta laugh!

  5. Bonjour Marina,
    COngratulations on your well deserved award. I'll head over to check out these two blogs right now. THanks for stopping by and your kind note.
    Have a fabulous week!

  6. Im trying to send you an email..but cant? can you send me a blank one..so I can reply? xoxoxo

  7. Oh congrats honey.

    re comment red is the Best!

  8. Congrats, you deserve it my friend!!

    By the way, we plan to have a lot of dogs someday so living in the city might not work forever! :) What kind do you have?!? We adore adore dogs.


Thank you for your lovely comments!


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