Monday, 25 January 2010

Her name was Lola ....

(image here)

She is retro and chic
Designed by Shoji Takahashi in 1991
only 20,000 of her made
( 2,000 only in beige)

She has a retro look of a 1950's Italian sport coupe
but, designed as a modern miss!

She's our new baby
She is Latte in colour (known as Topaz Mist), with beautiful big eyes
The Nissan Figaro

Her name is
and she definitely is a showgirl!

We wanted a second run around car and
this is perfect for the streets of London ... and so chic!

What do you think?


  1. I love them. Whenever I see one driving around (and that's not often, as there aren't that many) I always think that they look so good. I love cars that are a bit different. Most cars all look the same nowadays. I think that you're going to enjoy riding around in Lola.I'll look out for you !! XXXX

  2. Oh she is super super it! You realise you will now having me singing that Copacabana song in my head all day now..when I should be singing Advance Australia x

  3. I'm in love - Lola is divine! Leigh

  4. Oh Marina
    I love Lola too.. I want and need Lola .. hahaha
    Actually I need a new car.. if I could go out and get a Lola I would.
    She looks very much like a car I was coveting in a mag yesterday.. now I will have to find it and come back and compare....

    Hope you are well... will catch you again soon.. when I find that mag...
    xx Julie

  5. I absolutely LOVE her, truly. You lucky little girl. I have always adored vintage looking cars.

  6. Happy Australia Day Marina
    You can take the girl out of Australia.. but you can't take Australia out of the girl!! hehe
    xx Julie

  7. Oh wow, she is gorgeous!!! There is a mint green Figaro that lives round the corner from me, I would love one!!

    So glad you had a great time at home, nice to see you back :)

  8. Lola is simply perfection! Utterly adorable. You're a lucky girl.

  9. You bought her? She's stunning. She deserves to be in a fashion shoot, at the very least.


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