Monday, 1 February 2010

Cheap {frills} Thrills and Ruffles ... for a Monday

I know I shouldn't keep harping on about the cold, after all I am really more a cold weather kinda gal, however ...

I'm kinda getting sick at looking at my winter wardrobe.
Sumptuous coats, soft cashmere sweaters, long boots, short boots, warm leggings, beautiful scarfs, felt hats, soft berets, cosy gloves ... the staples for the last 6 months (no, I'm not kidding about the time frame and we've probably got another 4 months to go!)

This morning I woke up to another light dusting of snow ❄❄❄ outside, knowing it was below zero yet again, calling out to my girls not to forget their gloves, scarfs and hats ....
and all I was thinking is this is what I want to wear today!

(Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2010)

(Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2010)

(Vogue Nippon Aug 05 from DJA)

Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2010

From here

From here

Dilek Hanif Spring/Summer 2010 Haute Couture show from here

Well maybe not the last two ... but certainly for a big night out!

Monday dreaming ....


  1. Summer will be with you sooner than you think... - lovely images... Funny - I was dreaming today of winter things - tights and cashmere etc..!! Strange that the seasons are the other way round and that 'down under' we are thinking the opposite but at the same time... !

  2. Gosh it really does sound freezing. I don't blame you for dreaming of wearing something light and gorgeous my dear.

    Hang in there...I totally love that last!

  3. Gloves, hats, scarves....tell me about it! It's SO cold isn't it!! I love colder weather but this year I am definitely ready for some sunshine and a little warmth!!

    This is a beautiful post Marina....LOVE that second image....beautiful!

    Have a lovely week :)

    (And of course I don't mind you taking some images, help yourself :))

  4. How lovely to wake up to snow outside...these gowns are stunning...if only we got the opportunity to walk the red carpet..along side Hugh Jackman if possible..that would be a dream :) x

  5. What a perfect thing to dream about on a cold Monday morning - these dresses are just divine! Hope you have a warm week! Leigh

  6. I think I said that very thing to my husband this morning! I am just tired of bundling up with winter clothes :) I know it's not as bad here as you have snow for us. Yet I totally am craving Spring!!!!

    Hope you had a great weekend!!! ♥

  7. Love the ruffles, love the blog! So glad to have stumbled upon yours lovely site. x LZ

  8. This collection of dresses are simply gorgeous!
    Hope you have a wonderful Monday,

  9. Loving the Stella numbers--she does no wrong in my eyes!
    The cold freeze should pass hopefully soon.

    Happy week to you.

  10. Love these sweet outfits...I too am wishing for Spring but our Winter really has been so so mild...Happy February!

  11. Hi Marina
    Well I think you'd be a bit chilly going out in these lovely numbers!!
    Hope you week gets warmer... although I'm hoping for summer to last a bit longer here!! Keep warm Julie

  12. Completely gorgeous! I can imagine some of these as an opulent wedding gown...swoon!


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