Thursday, 4 February 2010

David Collins ... just because ...

David Collins Studio are the leading architects and designers for restaurant, interior design and luxury interior design for residential homes and commercial developments in the UK.

David Collins is one of my favourite designers here in London. I have always loved his work and have had the privilege to visit some of the restaurants and bars he has designed.

Here are a few:

Just had to add in a few images of afternoon tea at The Berkeley ...

And of course the iconic The Wolseley

David Collins home in London from here.

David Collins

The reason for this post is that we have been given some exciting news! As you all know I am doing an Interior design course and our next project is ... the opportunity to design a planning solution and scheme for the world famous The Fat Duck restaurant, which is located in Bray Berkshire, UK. It is a 3 star Michelin restaurant (the highest accolade a restaurant can receive) and there are only three others in the UK with that award!

The Fat Duck restaurant

The building is modest in size with a Georgian facade, concealing a 16th century interior.

This will be quite a challenge ..... but very exciting!

Not quite in style with Collins interiors ... but certainly a source for inspirations!


  1. Was reading David's fav things in a glossy the other day--his style is impeccable!

    All the best with the school project, must be exciting.

  2. Hey, that's great about The Fat Duck. I've been trying to get there for ages. Hopefully I will book a table there soon. I love Heston Blumenthall.
    I love the designs of David Collins too and afternoon tea at The Berkley look s great fun. I think that I need to book a table there too !!!! XXXX

  3. Bonjour Marina,
    Congratulations on The Fat Duck, how exciting!
    I need to hop on the Eurostar and have tea at The Berkeley so I can taste some of those fun tea cakes.
    Happy designing!

  4. Gorgeous images...very inspiring! Tracey xx

  5. Oh that is a wonderful project and how fantastic to be doing that... ENJOY... and great inspiration from David Collins too...Look forward to hearing all about it!

  6. I would so like to visit some of those places, they look really cool. Love his work.

    How exciting about the project, I love the sweet facade of The Fat Duck.


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