Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday dreaming ...

I've always loved real estate (it must be because I grew up in Sydney, plus its Sydneyites favourite past time!) and browsing through the local rag ... I stumbled across this beauty.

Her facade immediately caught my attention ... isn't she beautiful! She is a very rare detached period home that has been converted into three substantial flats ... with an opportunity to convert back to a single dwelling.

All images courtesy John D Woods & Co.

She's not exactly in the area we live in ... but not very far ... the only problem is the price tag.
Guide price £13,000,000
Well as I said ... one can only dream ... and what a way to end the working week!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I just found your blog, I love it!!! such nice pics, as for $13M pounds, that's cheap! lol

  2. Ohhhh she is a beauty indeed....what a gem...shame about the price thought...a bit below my price range ; )lol
    Am going to reply to your email....when I get longer than 5 min to myself..havent forgotten you darling x

  3. £13m....could you see if they have one for me too please! ;) What a beautiful property.

    Your "Fat Duck" project sounds very exciting....good luck!

    Happy Week-end!

  4. HI Marina!!!
    ooops... won't be buying that too soon.. and a shame as I'm looking!! Actually you are right.. we are all obsessed with the realestate section.. although strangely .. since i got serious about it.. i stopped looking!! possibly as the 'yes I'll take it' ones weren't in my price range either.. you know the prices have gone right up again.. Should have bought last year!! Oh well.. ciao ciao xx Julie

  5. I just found your blog too and now I've got plenty of reading to distractme on this wet, cold Friday evening - thanks!

  6. Well, darling love, we could syndicate it couldn't we? All us girls together. Makes for a really wonderful thought for a book. I love your wit, your style, your blog...Marsha in Texas

  7. Bonjour Marina,
    What a beautiful building, yes I'm another real estate love. It must be in my blood, my family was in the business in the U.S. Like you see we can all dream.
    Bonne week-end!

  8. This place is SO charming, Marina! Ahhh....

  9. Oh isn't it just fabulous, looks so interesting....mmmm which it should for that price tag.

  10. Oh just gorgeous.... how lovely ... sigh !

  11. Marina, sorry to double post, but I wanted to thankyou for coming by and sharing you story. How wonderful, some things are just meant to be!

  12. No wonder you fell in love, 'she' is gorgeous. So nice to dream isn't it?! Happy Sunday to you xdeb

  13. Fabulous house! If your going to dream you may as well aim high. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Leigh

  14. Wow...this is one lovely home. I adore her colour....both inside and out. Thank you for visiting me. Have a wonderful week my friend.xoxoxo

  15. This is stunning!
    Hope your weekend was great!
    Happy new week,

  16. Hi.. lovely house..

    have a nice week :)

  17. Oh so gorgeous!!! Ahhh but what a price! :)

    I love sharing ideas with my husband of our dream home...and this one is beautiful. Hope you had a great weekend, friend!



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