Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I so wanted to post these images on Monday ... but time got the better of me!
I hadn't been to Anthropologie for a while (and I missed all the post xmas sales),plus my youngest daughter needed a new coat ... so off we went to this gorgeous store for a look /see

... and look what we saw!

Isn't this chandelier stunning?

Very creative display of a bed on a floating pile of chopped wood

My middle daughter loved this bauble, felt rug/wall-hanging

lots and lots of door knobs

plaid covered drawers (quite clever if you love plaid!)

A spring theme was definitely in the air ...

and so was the nautical theme ...

All images by moi courtesy of my iphone (sorry some images are blurred)

Oh yes ... and we were successful in buying a coat there also .... on sale!



  1. Oh what amazing finds!! I love the chandelier and the plaid covered drawers, and what a perfect time of year to buy a coat - I bet there are many sales right before Spring! :)


  2. Just gorgeous Marina...I could spend hours in that store..and I LOVE that bauble felt rug wall hanging..I have seen then on the net in a circle shape..and it reminds of those freckle chocolates you could buy..remember those? I would love to get my hands on one for Jacqs room!

  3. Great.. felt like I was in there with you - loved that - don't think there is an Anthropologie in Oz yet, - went to one in Los Angeles when I was there in November though - loved it! - Thanks for the reminders...

  4. Bonjour Marina,
    Thanks for the tour - no Anthropologie here in PAris, at least I haven't found one yet. That chandelier is something. Glad your daughter found a coat.
    Have a good one!

  5. Visiting Anthropologie is a visual treat, even if you don't find anything you "just have to own." Egads, your IPhone took those, it's good. Enjoy your blog so much. XX's Marsha

  6. Oh isn't Anthropologie just AMAZING, Marina ?
    That chandelier has my name on it !!!!.... and the way they do their room settings is out of this world.It's a real shopping experience, isn't it ?
    Glad that you got the coat as well !! XXXX

  7. That looks like a lovely store! One where you can find treasure :)

  8. Boo hoo why can't we have a store over here :(

    I do love your post...though terribly envious.

  9. Oh I was there one month ago! I love Anthro!
    Don't miss the Valentine's Day Giveaway, tomorrow on Sweet as a Candy :-)


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