Wednesday, 10 February 2010

How did we ever do without ...

I just received an email from Bergdorf Goodman (yes, I still receive them from my good old days in the US of A) and even though I didn't shop from there, as we lived in northern California and Bergdorfs were in New York .... it was always nice to look!

Which brings me to ... how did we ever do without all these fabulous high tech gadgets that let us download applications where we can shop 24/7 at the click of a button!

Introducing the new and latest Bergdorf Goodman application .....

Image here
You can now shop 24 hours a day... where you can purchase the latest Christian Loubs and share with friends... I mean, I'm all for wonderful applications that can help us all, but is this consumerism gone mad?

You've gotta laugh ... and oh, right .... keep up with the times!


  1. It is a great did we ever do without and so true! It was oh-so difficult to give up my iPhone when we moved to Italy, haha. Oh and I remember when internet was just beginning to be common in our homes, crazy!


  2. Oh no keep it away from me ... :)

    There are just sooo many things these days, it's interesting to think what will be around in 10 years...yikes.

  3. Oh very dangerous but oh so nice! If I counted up the hours I've spent in U.S. Dept. Stores I'd be in very big trouble. They do it sooo well.
    Millie ^_^


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