Friday, 12 February 2010

Romance was Born ...


How appropriate to do a post on how Romance Was Born
especially with Valentines Day coming...

You see, it's not really a post on true romance, but
a post on a really talented duo,
Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales
Together, create a clothing experience.
{not for everyones taste, but they are fun and quirky}

They are the talent behind the label

They came to my attention last year during Australian Fashion Week in April
and I've wanted to do a post on them for ages.
So, today I thought it quite appropriate

They have also designed an Iced VoVo inspired dress
I had to show you this very quirky outfit!

This label is much loved for it's original larrikin spirit
and poking a cheeky tongue at convention.
It is a true love of kitsch Australiana.

This one Cate Blanchett specifically requested, know as the 'crocheted blanket dress'
... she does have a great sense of humour and only she can pull this outfit off!

So I hope you all find a little sense of humour on Sunday, the
Day for Lovers

lots of love!




  1. Wish you a fantastic Valentine's Day!
    Don't miss my giveaway:-)

  2. Oh I just love this so much, it's that Aussie humour! Yay for Vo Vo's, her cap and glasses are fab!

    Yeah not many could pull off a dress like Cate, gorgeous girl.

    Happy Valentines love,

  3. Oh gosh, Cate did get a lot of stick for wearing that dress though didn't she? Having seen your post, I think I understand it a little more LOL!!

    Love the pink and red dress though. You must tell me what Vo-Vo's are.....would I be right in saying they are like those coconut topped marshmallows we used to have when we were little....cos that's what that dress reminds me of!

    Happy Friday Marina :)

  4. Ha I totally agree with Simone on that one:0 That crochet dress is simply...umm how do i say it, an eye-sore:)!

    Lovely red and pink dress though, perfect for V-DAy!!!! xxx lZ

  5. Okay, NOW I know what iced vo-vos are...thank you!!

    Just noticed that "Eat, Pray, Love" is one of your favourite books - I just bought that this week and hope to start it this week-end....I see she has just written another book which sounds equally as good.

    Happy half-term! :)

  6. Dear Marina,
    What an off-the-wall dress and shoes. They always go over the top at Fashion Week. I think that the designers love to shock and be as individual as they can.....but that's good.
    I can't say that I like Cate in that crochet number....she looks like her grandmother. ...let's just say that I've seen her look a lot better !!
    On a sad note, wasn't it terrible about Alexander McQueen ?
    I loved his clothes. He was genius.
    Have a great Valentine weekend. XXXX

  7. Bonjour Marina,
    Yes hulour is always a good thing - even in fashion! I have seen Cate look better, but she is still a beauty.
    SO now I know what a vo-vo is, I saw your answer on Simone's blog. I was wondering.
    Happy Valentine's week-end!

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  9. sorry - my brain is not working here, I'm ruining your comment board. I meant to say humour is always a good thing - I need a nap!

  10. Hey Marina!!
    Well I'm a bit slow on getting round the blog scene this week.. but glad I turned up for your Iced Vo Vo ensemble!! I mean .. who could resist!! hahaha. Are Iced Vo Vo's only an Aussie bickie??? I don't know! I know I used to love them to pieces!! Well this is a kick. hope your Valentines is one also!! xx Julie


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