Thursday, 18 March 2010

Spring in the air

With Spring in the air
I cant wait to spend a lot more time in the garden
and this beautiful image seen here has inspired me today.

Happy Thursday


  1. It is gorgeous and I can understand what it inspired you!

    Leeann x

  2. ooops lost the comment [you may get 2]
    Marina this image is truly beautiful.. and makes me miss having a garden... Enjoy your spring.. xx Julie

  3. Me too, me too! (But I'm also dreading the work a bit, it's quite a mess after such a long time.)

  4. What a gorgeous picture Marina! I would love to sit there with a glass of wine and have a lovely chat with you in person:) Hope you have had a great week and wishing you the loveliest Spring weekend ~ Tina xx

  5. What a beautiful setting, Marina. Although we had a glorious day yesterday, I can't begin to think of sitting out in my garden yet but, it won't be long. XXXX

  6. I always say I'll spend more time in the garden when the weather is fine (but not hot), but I rarely seem to. I need to have more people over - it seems to be the only time we sit outside and enjoy the views!


Thank you for your lovely comments!


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