Tuesday, 16 March 2010

In the blink of an eye ...

I dont know where the last three days have gone.
With a blink of an eye ... it is already Tuesday!

(My 3 darling daughters taken 5 years ago)

(The older two with their mum during her blonde days)

And in the blink of an eye they have grown up!

The weekend flew by, with Mother's Day celebrations here in the UK. My girls spoilt me with lots of lovely goodies and my darling husband made me breakfast in bed
(I did remind them all that the real Mothers Day, which is celebrated in Australia, isn't until May ... so I hope they won't forget that one, hehehe!)

The sun has also been out for the past 3 days ... so Lola was topless ... she was glad to be rid of all that stale air!

With a blink of an eye ... the top was gone.

Monday, we were given the opportunity to visit the Fat Duck (3 Star Michelin restaurant in Bray) while working on the design project, which I posted about here.

So, I thought I'd leave you with some more inspiring images of banqueting halls ...

How grand is Buddakan in NYC?
designed by Christian Liaigre

Liaigre is a master of intensifying that sense of anticipation and his entrances are always enigmatic ... designed to tempt patrons inside.

Not that The Fat Duck needs temptation to enter ( the food alone does that!)

With the blink of an eye ... how things can change
be transformed!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Dear Marina,
    What a beautiful photograph of you and two of your girls and not to leave your other daughter out, the one of the three girls together. Beautiful.
    And fabulous banqueting halls. Very like the one I went to on Mother's Day, only a little grander.
    I have been wanting to go to The Fat Duck for ages but, we haven't got round ro it yet. I will try and do something about that !! XXXX

  2. Oh Marina, look how GORGEOUS all four of you are....your girls are adorable!!! What fabulous hair you all have!

    Lola looks fabulous top down....lucky you....today would be a beautiful day to be out too, am loving the sunshine!

    And those banqueting halls....fabulous!!


  3. Oh Marina this is so sweet. I agree with Simone, all of you are gorgeous!!! Wow, just beautiful. Enjoy Florence, how fun that you are going also very soon. I just love it there...but someday I must visit London, I have only been to the airport! :)


  4. Bonjour Marina,
    You and your three girls are just gorgeous. How proud you must be. And how much fun it would be to take Lola our for a spin.
    Hope all is going well on the big project.
    Good evening to you,

  5. What gorgeous girls (including you!). Yes, they do grow up so quickly. Enjoy them while you can!

  6. You and your daughters are absolutely beautiful. You look sort of like Drew Barrymore in the photo - do you ever get that?


  7. Hi Marina, how wonderful to see these gorgeous pics of you and your girls - just so beautiful!! Sounds like you have had a busy few days - hope the project is going well:) Lola looks fab with her top down, glad the weather is cooperating with Lola:) Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous pics Marina! Wishing you a wonderful week as always ~ Tina xx

  8. Oh your daughters at SO adorable and what a pretty picture with you and two of your girls!

    I just adore seeing Lola, you are so lucky to have her :)

    The Fat Duck...I did say you are lucky didn't I....beautiful post darling.

  9. How beautiful you all look is these divine photos - your darling girls are like gorgeous little angels! And as for that cheeky minx cavorting around topless on a summer's day .... why she's divine too! Leigh

  10. How lovely the photographs are of you and your girls and yes, how quickly the time goes - just too fast !! Lola looks wonderful topless and I am sure you had such a great time at The Fat Duck - fantastic!

  11. Marina your little girls are DIVINE! 3 girls how perfect. They will love those photos when they are older. You look gorgeous too. Love love love your blog x

  12. Marina - this is gorgeous, just like those 3 little dolls who will be all grown up 'in the blink of an eye' - I loved reading this...food for thought....enjoy every moment, whether it's sunny 'top down' weather or mothers' day breakfast in bed...x

  13. Wow, Marina - what stunning girls you have!

    Beautiful images, and glad you had a fabulous mothers day. julesxx

  14. happy saint patricks day from dublin ireland. I so enjoy your blog. hope you have a fun filled green day

  15. Thanks lovely ladies for all your kind comments.
    Two of the girls are now teenagers and the baby is 10 ... yes, they do grow up really quick!

  16. Dear Marina
    How beautiful you and your girls are... and wow not many people look good both blonde and redhead... you're a beauty!!!

    Even my favourite girl Lola is outshone by you girls.. enjoy your moments.. xx Julie


Thank you for your lovely comments!


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