Friday, 12 March 2010


Remember these beauties?

I purchased them from the lovely Anne @ Annechovie and posted here last November.
Well, it has taken me this long to frame them and I decided to use a simple Ikea frame.

Quick and easy to do, they were on the wall in no time.

The house we are living in at the moment is lovely with lots of windows
(thank god, to let in as much light as possible!)
but the only disadvantage is that we don't have that much wall space to hang the artwork.

Plus, trying to take a descent photo without any glare is impossible

As I sat at my messy desk (working on The Fat Duck project), all I could see was
perfectly framed by the window.

Hoping to take her out on the weekend
with the top down!

Here's hoping for a sunny and maybe slightly warmer weekend!
Wishing you all a great weekend.



  1. What a gorgeous thought - driving around in the divine Lola! The perfect way to spend a weekend - enjoy. Leigh

  2. The pictures look great in those frames... hooray for IKEA!! And Lola - now there's showgirl - just wonderful - I am very envious...- enjoy your weekend and hope the sun shines.

  3. Hi Marina
    The framed prints are lovely but I only have eyes for that gorgeous Lola... I'm not one to care too much about what type of car I drive.. but If I had Lola as a choice.. well.. things would be different!! Have a great weekend.. xx Julie

  4. Hi Marina - what a fabulous treat to look forward to - crossing my fingers for a sunny weekend....x P.S Love the artwork

  5. Oh Marina..they look fab!! great choice of frames..I think simple is better with these prints as anything to ott would overpower it...just gorgeous. And Lola is looking LOVELY!!

  6. Dear Marina,
    I love Anne's paintings. They look lovely, framed.
    It's a beautiful blue sky here in Hertfordshire at this very moment. I hope it stays that way, so that you can cruise around with the top down. Have a great weekend, XXXX

  7. I can see why you would want to go out with Lola...she is very cute. Anne's pictures look beautiful hung, xv.

  8. Marina, the pictures look gorgeous and I love the simple frames, they let you really focus on those gorgeous pics! How beautiful is the room with your desk!!! Lola sure is a beauty, hope you get to take that drive with the top down over the weekend. Hope you are making great progress on your project too:) Have a lovely weekend ~ Tina xx

  9. Hello Marina!
    I love how you've framed and hung the prints. Nice job! Thanks for the lovely mention and have a sunny and relaxing weekend. xo

  10. They look fabulous Marina - love Anne's prints!

    Oh what a lovely thought, driving around in mild spring weather with the top down. hope you have a blast, jules :)

  11. Oh sweet friend..I love Lola! Enjoy her! Plus your chair prints are beyond so lovely. xoxoxo

  12. The pictures look great! I also have some pictures I really need to get in a frame...maybe I should do sth about it soon! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  13. Dear Marina
    I came back to answer your questions.. I think I was distracted by Lola last time.. haha

    Well I had the PS about 3 days and wonder where sleep went.. haha just jumped in .. will do some tutorials later... but yes.. it IS getting a workout.. Have a great week and glad you get to enjoy 2 mother's days..our's is around the time of my birthday so will celebrate with you! xx Julie

  14. Lovely pictures, lovely office, lovely car.

  15. And back again.. stalking you.. hahaha I left you something over my way... xx Julie

  16. The pictures look fantastic Marina, I love the colours she has used.

    LOVE your desk too.....nice and big! I do like lots of room....and facing the windows is just right :)

    Thanks so much for your lovely message on my blog yesterday, you are a sweetheart - and I really appreciate it!

    Have a great week! xo


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