Thursday, 8 April 2010

Meandering through the gardens... Part 3

The gardens of Versailles cover some 800 hectares of land. There are 200,000 trees planted, 210,000 flowering plants planted annually and 50 fountains!
From the time of Louis XIV and still using much of the same network of hydraulics as was used during the Ancien Regime, the fountains contribute to making the gardens of Versailles unique.

Even though it was early spring and flowering plants were not in bloom, a lot of the trees still did not have their leaves and the hedges still bear, the grounds were still spectacular.
With classical music playing and the fountains in full action as you wandered through the gardens, it was truly a spectacular few hours imagining you were Marie Antoinette in one of her rare moments of solitude (well not really with all the crowd!)
Enjoy ...


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  1. WOW! Imagine doing the weeding....
    But really, Versailles is incredible!

  2. Oh, beautiful French garden architecture... I always think I prefer wild English gardens, but then I can't help to marvel at the French.

  3. Oh what an experience, so wonderful. I love the horses in the fountain, just amazing!

    Fabulous post darling,

  4. How brilliant - it would have been easy to imagine the nobility wandering the glorious gardens!

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