Thursday, 28 July 2011

Interior Inspiration ... terracotta + pink

How wonderful is the graphic shadow play from the concrete beams of this partially covered outdoor space?

I'm loving this Andalusian home designed by Mexican born architect
Francisco Cortina

... the beautiful colour saturated walls
(a significant departure from the white walls and tiled roofs, associated with this part of southern Spain),

... the clean lines and
... the way light plays with the building.

I can only imagine how vibrantly beautiful the colours are when the sun goes down!

All images from Elle Decoration UK Aug 2011



  1. The wild colours really reinforce such brilliant stripes of shadow - very clever. As much as I love a covered roof in an alfresco area for its practicality, I always much prefer playing with shadows and stripes - so much more fun!

  2. The colours are beautiful Marina and suit the surroundings and temperatures of Spain but, for me, the lines are a little harsh, but that's just me !!!! I would still love to be sitting there with a cold drink in my hand !! XXXX


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