Friday, 11 November 2011

Strike a pose ...

{All images Copyright Carla Coulson}

One of my favourite Aussie photographers is Carla Coulson, a real inspirational woman, who not only left her corporate job, but also her homeland Australia, to pursue her dream, where she discovered her love for photography. She has written three books of her own (which I have) and collaborated with many others. I know a lot of you know her already, but if not click here.

The two photos above are shot at the breathtakingly beautiful Four Seasons Hotel in Florence and I simply cant take my eyes off them!
Read more here from her blog on how she captured the shots.

Simply beautiful Carla ....


Have a wonderful weekend 


  1. Carla takes beautiful photographs... thanks for the intro to her works. Delighted to discover your blog!

  2. Agree Marina...Carla is gifted and inspiring! x:)

  3. I love Carla's work too! In fact, the shots above are definite favourites. So far I've got "Paris Tango" but now I want her other books!

    ~ Clare x


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