Monday, 9 January 2012

Double take ...

I first came across these images on the glamourai blog and I just had to post about it myself.

 HIGH COST $12,196

 LOW COST $1,999

 HIGH COST $17,901

 LOW COST $4,285

 HiGH COST $42,461

LOW COST $12,282

Good design can come at any cost and it can clearly be seen from the photos above (that have been sourced from style at home's high/low feature) that if you do a little digging ... wonderful things can be found ... and at a great price!

Each of these exact rooms have been styled on a high and a low budget
Can you tell the difference?



  1. Great examples I have to say!!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment the other day xxxx dj

  2. Well they sure look pretty similar. But how about in real life though, I wonder? Would the cheaper versions be the same quality of construction, and would they last the same amount of time? I am increasingly frustrated by products which "look the part" but which fall apart ridiculously quickly. But don't start me on that high horse....or I won't shut up! I would prefer to have less things, but better quality things, to keep the price down.

    Oh - and Marina I thought of you and your iced vo-vos when I was making Monte Carlo biscuits last night. Do you miss them too? LOL! Virginia xx

  3. So interesting isn't it?! I can't really spot the difference I must say!

    Abbey x

  4. Wow! You can hardly tell the difference! I love it when they do these exy vs cheaper shoots.

    Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful time over here in Oz.

    ~ Clare x


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