Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Manhattan "wow" apartment ...

{Sourced via song of style}

Isn't this Manhattan apartment belonging to Ashley Stark, that was featured in Elle Decor delightful!
I'm in love with the tree trunk dining table from the Groundwork Group and lumiere by Jean de Merry in the first image.



  1. Just gorgeous Marina.....I love the grey colouring everywhere as well.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I always love Sydney's fireworks but, I think we topped them this year !! I'm not just saying this 'cos our son did the music but, the Sydney music to their fireworks was a little dated I thought. I think that London put on a good show because we are hosting the Olympics this year, that's why they were so AMAZING. XXXX

  2. Wow, there are so many striking elements in this house - amazing! xxx

  3. Mmmmm, love the velvet sofa!

    ~ Clare x


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