Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A lovely garden Room : Jason Grant

Great styling from Australian Jason Grant with photographer Felix Forest

I hope you're all having a lovely Wednesday
The sun is shining in London!



  1. I'm a big fan of Jason Grant and Fenton and Fenton. Gorgeous space, although I couldn't do the skulls. We spent a lot of time at my cousins' farm growing up, and they had mounted deer heads, boar heads, and skulls all over the place. Used to freak me out as a little girl. xxx

  2. Hi Dear Marina
    Hope it's not too late to say Happy New Year.. .wow.. can't believe we are so far into January and I'm still trying to catch up with everyone..

    LOve that green door and the splashes of orange.. particularly in the painted ceiling tiles.. lovely

    Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. A lovely garden it is! Thank you for lovely and inspiering comments. It is allways a joy to meet new bloggers. Special you from London!

    What do you call the scull-thingys in english? I love them! But it is hard to get it right. This was very cool thoug! I see to many bad exsamples....


Thank you for your lovely comments!


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