Friday, 17 February 2012

Inspirational Friday ...

{a dozen roses coming into bloom from my sweetheart}

I looked at my desk this morning and thought ... 'out of control!'
With a very busy week coming to an end (I'm working on an exciting new project), I think I seriously need to get my desk back into some order!
It doesnt help when I keep ordering books from Amazon (you should see the other half of my two desks!!)
I also visited the 20/21 International Art Fair  at the Royal College of Art yesterday, a fair that is more accessible in price and content and great for new collectors. It runs until Feb 19, if you are in London.

Fashion week also starts today in London ... so much happening!
Have a wonderful weekend all .......



  1. I bought Sibella Court's 'Nomad' book, and it arrived this w/end. I was so excited, it's like a piece of art, and I've been treasuring each page! xxx

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's, Marina. Don't worry, I too had to force myself to clean my desk this past weekend!!

    ~ Clare x


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