Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kitsch + Modern + Vintage

This former mill in Marseilles France, has been converted into a real temple of recycling.
The designer, Mitri Hourani, is also a prototype maker and set designer, hence the original interior ...

The lighting options are very theatrical ...

deliciously kitsch objects provide modern and vintage warmth to the old mill

 I love how the ceiling and walls of rough stone have been kept in their original state to preserve the authenticity of the mill

The kitchen wall was painted black to make room for decoration ...

photographs by Christophe Dugied for Marie Claire Maison



  1. Amaaaazing place! I love the exposed walls and I really, really love all the hanging lamp shades.

    ~ Clare x

  2. Me too Clare!
    I love them all grouped together ... they make such an impact!

  3. Good gracious this is fabulous! You are rolling out a series of sensational posts Marina! Love places like this which work with the existing building, rather than overlaying an unrelated style.

    That dining room...I'm a bit speechless. Unusual for me! But it is just so...so...so... fabulous! Is there a better word??

  4. I love the grouped lighting Marina. My friend has got grouped lighting in one corner of her lounge and her bedroom. She did it years ago and it still looks stunning. XXXX

  5. Just discovered your blog through the looking glass, brilliant. Cannot wait to pinterest all these amazing images!


Thank you for your lovely comments!


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