Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Chelsea Flower Show 2012 ...

{all images belong to Iced VoVos}

Hello lovely readers!

Yesterday was my first ever visit to the Chelsea Flower Show in the beautiful grounds of the
Royal Hospital Chelsea ... and it was amazing!
Not only that, but the weather was a beautiful 26C.

I will do a larger post in the coming days, but thought you might enjoy the mini in the mean time.

Another hot one today ... I'm in heaven!



  1. Hi Marina,
    I was there yesterday too!
    And, took exactly the same photo - great minds think alike!
    We were so lucky with weather, hope you had as good day as I did.
    Have a lovely day.

  2. How wonderful! I SO wish that I could be there too! I've been a few times in the past and I LOVE it. In fact, I'm actually currently watching the coverage on BBC2 while simultaneously typing - multitasking at it's best - lol!
    Paula x

    1. The BBC do such a great coverage! A friend of mine texted me saying I'm watching the coverage and thinking of you, not knowing that I had gone ... because she knew how much I wanted to go!

  3. Oh how exciting! You did get there! Thank you, thank you!

    I am going to be greedy and demand as many images as you can possibly share.

    The mini is gorgeous - reminds me of the crazy macaron covered one we had driving about the streets of Melbourne last year. Is it covered in leaves or flowers, can't quite tell. But thinking the leaves would last longer. xx

    1. It was all by chance Virginia. I have wanted to go every year, but forget to get tickets ... and then its too late! However, on Monday evening a friend texted and said she had a spare one and would I like to go ... you know what the answer was ... a huge YESSSSS!!!


Thank you for your lovely comments!


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