Tuesday, 2 June 2009

It's all in the frosting ... well in this case... it's all in the design!

This afternoon, I sat down with a cup of T2's Turkish Apple tea, eagerly opening my new edition of Metropolitan Home magazine (one of my subscription mags).... I still dont understand why I get so excited when I receive any magazine, especially since I've been subscribing to magazines since the age of 12! .... and I just fell in love with designer Doug Meyer's home in Miami.

His highly chromatic interiors were very inspirational indeed! Even though I dont like using highly saturated colours, his interiors are a great example of analogous harmonious schemes, balanced with an opposing contrast colour and they work so well together!

Notice the long curtain wall of beaded silvery chain (above) in a silver hued metal that has a shimmery glow .... gorgeous!
"I always love spaces at night, and this glistens," says Meyer.

I think we should all use some colour in our life!

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